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Metal Detecting in Devon
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Devon Metal Detecting

Welcome to the world of lost treasure in Devon and the Westcountry!

My name is Paul Williams and I'm an avid metal detectorist based in Sidmouth, Devon.  As a company Director I can't wait to swap my shirt and tie for my jeans and boots and leave my day job behind in pursuit of Devon's past!

Old Devon MapThe name "Devon" derives from the kingdom of Dumnonia, which was home to the tribe of Celtic people who inhabited this area of the southwestern peninsula of Britain at the time of the Roman invasion in A.D. 43.


With a main base in Exeter and several forts, the Romans held the area under military occupation for around 350 years.

 Devon has also featured in most of the civil conflicts in England since the Norman Conquest, including the Wars of the Roses, Perkin Warbeck's rising in 1497, the Prayer Book Rebellion of 1549, and the English Civil War.

There have been many finds in Devon from coins to jewellery, buttons and buckles to weapons, but the vast majority of these artefacts from long ago remain in the ground. . . waiting to be discovered today.

Gold Brooch Found by Metal detectorist

Could there be valuable historic items waiting for discovery in your land?  Now you can find out for free. On your behalf, I will be pleased to investigate and carry out a search at no cost to yourself.  I welcome new land to search and I'm happy to share any items of value on a 50/50 basis.

It's exciting to imagine that historic items and possibly even hoards which may have been lost or hidden over the past two thousand years may just be a few inches under our noses and can now be detected better than ever before thanks to developments in metal detector technology.

Your discretion is assured in all circumstances and I will be happy to discuss this with you further should you have any questions or concerns regarding this issue.

If you are interested in discovering what history might be under your land, your discretion is assured in all circumstances so please do contact me in complete confidence.


                      Paul - local Devon metal detectorist

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"Paul is a miracle worker! I lost my wedding ring whilst walking the dog in a wooded area.  We searched for 2 weeks without success. 

"I contacted Paul who managed to find it with his metal detector in a different area to where we thought it was lost. To say he is thorough is an understatement. Thank you Paul so much!"


Minelab Metal Detectors

"Paul has been metal detecting in my fields and at my home for many years now. He has made some very fascinating finds including many coins, buckles, toy Dinky cars and even the remains of an old purse!

"Paul is a credit to himself and to the hobby and I would be happy to recommend Paul to any landowner as a decent and trustworthy individual"

David Glynn

Gold Roman Coin